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Used Philips Achieva 1.5T MRI for sale (ID 16445222761) | 20Med

Used philips healthcare Achieva 1.5T MRI for sale

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Availability  :  April 2024
Equipment ID  :  16445222761
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Product Description

Availability - April 2024

Year of Manufacture - 2008

16 Channel, Software Version-R3.2.3.4, Gradient-281+, RF Amplifier-53-S30-64

List of Coils -

Synergy Cardiac, Sense Spine 15Ch., Sense XL torso, Sense Knee 8Ch., Sense Breast 7ch., Sense Flexible S, Sense Flexible M, Sense Flexible L, C1 II coil, TMJ coil, Sense NV 16 ch., Sense Spine 5ch., Synergy Body

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