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20MED.com is an online marketplace of 20MED group that provides Business, IT and Medical Equipment Solutions to Healthcare Businesses. Our mission is to grow sales revenue of Healthcare businesses who take one or more of our above services.

These services are provided globally to our clients through our 4 companies located out of US, SINGAPORE and INDIA. The group employs over 30 professionals with expertise in Medical device Sales, Product Marketing, IT, Equipment services, Projects, Logistics and Finance.

20MED Inc, USA

20Med Inc was incorporated in 2014 in state
of Delaware USA and subsequently registered
with State of Florida to perform business
activities. It serves our North America and
Global customer base out of 80SW, 8th
Street, Miami, Florida 33031.

It is compliant with all the laws of United
States and is registered with USFDA to import
used Medical devices in USA.

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20MED Pte Ltd, Singapore

The company is registered in Singapore
and is involved in buying and selling of used
Medical Equipment covering over 10 product
categories. It has secured several business
licenses and complies with local laws to ensure
success of its partners worldwide.

The entity also provides various IT and Digital
services to Healthcare Businesses
in APAC Region.

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20MED Equipment Solutions
Pvt Ltd, India

The entity acts as a trusted matchmaker between
Sellers and Buyers of Used medical Equipment and
parts. With a global network of over 100,000+ B2B
and B2C Healthcare businesses, we help Sellers get
top value for their Medical Equipment. For Buyers,
we act as trusted intermediaries helping them to get
the right product at the right price & at right time.

We super specialize in MRI, CT, Cath Labs & have
executed over 1000+ projects in the last 15 years.

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20MED Media Pvt Ltd, India

The Company provides Business Services like
HubSpot Setup, Onboarding and customization
exclusively for Healthcare Businesses.

We also provide Data driven Sales and
Marketing Solutions, Consulting Services
and Software Integrations that are
guaranteed to increase sales.

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