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Welcome to www.20med.com (hereinafter called ‘Marketplace’)

The Marketplace is meant for and should be used only by healthcare providers or professionals from INDIA who either use medical Equipment or are engaged in their sale or services. You should be working for a business entity in INDIA, should be above 18 years of age and have not been banned from using the Marketplace.

We do not collect any sensitive personal info as defined under the draft law proposed by SriKrishna committee and fully comply with Privacy laws of India, currently in force.

By using the Marketplace, you indicate your understanding and acceptance of terms stated in this User Agreement and our Privacy Policy. If for any reason you do not agree to all these terms you may not use the Marketplace and any of its services.

Our Mission is to
  1. Help Sellers of used medical equipment find highest value for their equipment.

  2. Help Buyers of used medical equipment find right product from trusted sellers.

  3. Help both Sellers and Buyers in completing the transaction in an easy way by providing value added services related to Logistics, Compliances and Payments.

  4. Help Healthcare businesses in promoting their Products and Services through Listings and online advertisements.

  5. Help B2B Healthcare businesses (Distributors / Small manufacturers) with Digital transformation tools to manage their business and team efficiently.

20Med charges a fee for each of the above services. The charges are provided offline when a user wishes to use one of the above mentioned services.

Marketplace for used Medical Equipment :

The Marketplace is for healthcare businesses to showcase used medical equipment, Parts that they have for sale and services that they provide.

20Med.com aims to be a trusted marketplace for the community and wants Buyers of Used Medical Equipment to feel confident before taking a purchase decision. Only verified & whitelisted sellers / Service providers can list their products / services on the marketplace. We also moderate each listing before it can be published.

Once a Seller is verified, he has option of selling his inventory directly ( Self serve ) or through 20Med Assisted services.

In self serve option, Buyers contact Seller directly, negotiate and close transaction between them with no involvement of 20Med, except that it acted as a matchmaker. All description, condition of equipment and photos in listings are provided by the Seller. 20Med is not responsible for the accuracy of these listings. For self serve option, 20Med charges sellers a Listing fee which varies with product category and regions served. 20Med may also charge sellers a small commission on each closed deal, which also varies by product category. These charges are informed to Seller at the time of Listing product.

Sellers can also sell their inventory using 20Med Assisted services option. In such a case we provide end to end assistance to Sellers and Buyers both so that they can transact with peace of mind. These services include Technical Inspection reports, customised solution from experienced product experts, payment and financial solutions & cost-effective Logistic services. For entities not fulfilling regulatory compliances, we act as intermediary and do purchase / sale through one of our group / partner companies who are compliant for that product category.

20MED Value Added Services

20MED provides multiple services directly and through its partners to make the purchase & sale process efficient and smooth for both, Buyers & Sellers. These services can be grouped as

  1. Technical inspection services : High value medical equipment like MRI, CT… etc are highly technical products and require very high level of expertise to identify problems that a used equipment would have. Our product category experts have decades of experience in identifying issues. We help our buyers with detailed inspection reports and price insights to help them take an informed decision.

  2. Logistic Services : Through multiple Logistic partners we are able to provide cost effective, end to end logistic services worldwide.

  3. Compliance management services : We help both sellers and buyers with regulatory compliances in their respective country / regions and for the product category.

  4. Payment Solutions : We help our Buyers with innovative payment solutions so that they do not lose out on high quality inventory, where decision has to be made in minutes and not days.

  5. Insurance related services : Understanding the entire ecosystem of insurance is very important in high value goods. Our insurance experts have worked hard and have decades of experience behind them to understand the needs that have to be met, should any claim arise.

Buyers can opt for one or more of these services when buying inventory from our verified sellers.

Digital Marketing & Advertising services

20MED provides sellers an option to promote their Used Equipment Listings in the Marketplace to help them find buyers. These listings find top slots for buyers to see them first, ahead of others. For promoted listings, We also run Data driven digital campaigns to a vast local and global buyer audience most likely to buy them. Our objective is to help each Seller who has listed a used Equipment to find highest paying buyer. We charge a fee for this service, details of which are explained when seller is listing their used equipment on the marketplace.

We also help healthcare businesses showcase their brand & services by running online Digital ads in the right product category. Interested buyers of their listed used Equipment or Service can start a secured conversation from the advertisement. Sellers can generate highly relevant leads of verified buyers and grow their sales, while doing a branding of their business.

  1. General Terms of use :

    By registering on www.20med.com, you confirm to have read the site Terms & Conditions of use and agree to abide by same. These Terms and Conditions constitute your binding agreement with 20Med Digital Services Pvt Ltd, a company duly registered with laws of India. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not visit the site and/or register on it by providing your contact information.

    We have the right to amend the terms of this website and will inform you in the event of any change in terms by sending you details over your provided contact info.

    If any clause of this Agreement shall be deemed invalid or unenforceable, it shall not effect the validity and enforceability of remaining clauses.

  2. Eligibility to use the Website :

    The Website is meant for and should be used only by healthcare providers or professionals from INDIA who either use medical Equipment for treating their patients OR are engaged in their sale or services. You should be working for a business entity in INDIA and can execute legally binding contracts with 20MED group entities. Further, you should be above 18 years of age and have not been banned from using the Marketplace.

  3. Fake Profiles and Listings :

    We strongly advise that users do not create a fake profile or post fake equipment listings. They will put themselves to substantial personal legal risk. On being proved wrong, they will be blacklisted from using the site.

  4. Electronic communications :

    When you visit the site, provide your contact details or send email / text to us, you are communicating with us electronically. You consent to receive communications from us electronically. You agree that all agreements, disclosures, information provided to you through these electronic means satisfy any legal requirement equivalent to written communication.

  5. Fees & Services :

    Registration and usage of Marketplace is free. We do not charge any fee for browsing the marketplace and there is no facility to make any online payment on www.20med.com

    All payments for services rendered by our expert teams are initiated offline and with a detailed quote explaining scope of work and associated terms & Conditions.

  6. Selling on www.20med.com

    As registered member, you may list your Equipment for sale on the Marketplace. All such listings must be kept in stock and if they get sold or move out of your inventory, they should be immediately removed.

  7. Usage of Content :

    20Med provides You with curated content on its BLOG section. This content is both, original and licensed from multiple trusted sources to help you grow your personal knowledge and business

    All such content is for your personal consumption and cannot be used for any commercial purposes, unless consented. You may not copy, reproduce, republish, sell, or distribute any information, text, Images, graphics, video or sound clips, interviews, display, perform, modify, create derivative works from, transmit or in any way exploit this editorial content available on the platform for any commercial use or that will be used to compete with business objectives of 20Med.

    Pages from the Website may not under any circumstances be included or embedded in another site.

  8. Copyright :

    All content published on www.20med.com is copyrighted and licensed . The content published either belongs to us and /or our business users / third party authors / publishers who have granted right to us to publish that particular content on www.20med.com. The Marketplace may use Images and logos of brands and their products, both of which are exclusive property of the original owner (brand). visitors should assume that standard copyright protection rules apply to all materials and contents displayed on Marketplace. Any reproduction, modification or re- distribution of part or all of the content featured on the marketplace www.20med.com, is strictly prohibited. You may store, display, print the content through your Desktop / laptops hard drive but with clear understanding that the same is to be used for your own, non-commercial use and acknowledging the Marketplace as Source of the content. Any third-party content, not originally created by www.20med.com cannot be distributed through any means, digital or print.

    If you are the owner of copyright of any content published on www.20med.com which was uploaded without your consent, or you feel the consent was copied in any way that constitutes infringement, please write to Compliance@20med.com specifying details and we will address the issue as quickly as possible.

  9. Trademark :

    The mark ‘20Med’ and the logo indicated in the 20MED website is the sole exclusive trademark of 20Med. Both the trademark and the logo of the company may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not associated to or provided by 20MED, causing any confusion among our users. All other trademarks that appear on 20med.com website, are the property of their respective owners, who are using the platform to promote their brand.

  10. Right to Amend User Agreement :

    20Med.com reserves the right to amend User Agreement in future. You will be informed of any such changes before they are implemented.

  11. Intellectual property rights :

    The Marketplace and Application is owned and operated by 20Med LLP (Company), a holding company with entities in US, Singapore and India. 20Med LLP or its subsidiaries own all rights, title and interest, or have obtained permission or license from third parties in respect of all intellectual property rights such as copyright in the Content published or posted on the Website and/or Application.

    The Company or its subsidiaries are the owner of all rights, title and interest in and to the trademarks ‘20Med’ and the’20Med’ logo (Hereinafter “Company Trademark”) used on the Website. The Company Trademark may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not associated to or provided by the Company, causing any confusion among our Visitors and/or Members. All other trademarks that appear on 20Med.com are the property of their respective owners, who are using the Digital Platform to promote their brand or business.

    The Company owns all Intellectual Property Rights including copyright in the software, source code, software architecture, software design, programmes, collaterals, and online or electronic documentation that forms part of the Website, the present or future modifications / upgradations there of and standard enhancements thereto. Visitors may not use such Intellectual Property of the Company without the prior written permission of the Company.

  12. Dispute resolution :
    1. Dispute Resolution related to purchase or sale of a Used Equipment / Part : If the dispute involves Purchase or Sale of a Used Medical Equipment or Part that was purchased or sold by virtue of its listing on www.20med.com, the same is to be settled between Buyer and Seller as per the contract terms agreed between them and specific to that sale. All such contracts are signed offline and 20MED Is not responsible for performance of those contracts in any way, unless it is a signatory in that specific contract between Buyer and Seller. We strongly advise Buyers to use their own jurisprudence before making any payment to Seller.

    2. Dispute Resolution related to any Marketplace services provided : 20Med provides multiple diversified services on its marketplace. For each such service provided by 20MED, a unique contract has been designed and will be executed with service seeking entity. Terms including dispute resolution clause stated in that contract, specifically executed for the type of service will prevail over anything else.

Our endeavour is to help our customers grow and should there be any dispute, we should find a solution amicably. Aggrieved marketplace users are requested to send an email stating their complaint to complaints@20med.com. Our team will promptly look into it, connect with you and work towards resolving the problem.

However, in the event we are unable to find a solution, the only remedy is through binding arbitration to be conducted in jurisdiction of New Delhi courts.