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Welcome to www.20med.com ('Website')

The Website is meant for and should be used only by healthcare providers or professionals who work for or provide products / services to healthcare businesses. You should be above 18 years and have not been banned from using the Marketplace.

Our Mission is to help healthcare businesses

  1. Grow their sales by providing them Data driven digital tools, Business leads and IT solutions.

  2. Learn, setup and onboard proven Digital transformation tools so that they can manage their business and team efficiently.

  3. Get on demand Information and Services on Medical Products and Software that they use while running their Practice or Medical business. This information would help them in taking better and informed decisions.

We do not collect any sensitive personal info as defined under the draft law proposed by Sri Krishna committee and fully comply with Privacy laws of India, currently in force.

By using the Website, You indicate Your understanding and acceptance of Terms stated in this User Agreement, our Cookie Policy and our Privacy Policy. If for any reason you do not agree to all these terms you may not use the Website and any of its services.

Company has 3 business segments:
  1. Medical Products & Services

  2. Business Services

  3. IT Solutions

    1. Medical Products & Services:

      The “website” is a platform for healthcare businesses to showcase products they sell and services that they provide. Listing of all products is free. Interested Buyers initiate a private, 1:1 conversation over secured channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, direct email …. Etc and businesses pay for each conversation.

      We only connect Buyers and Sellers, Service providers and Service seekers of medical products and Services helping them close business transactions. We do not sell any medical product/s online.

      We act only as a matchmaker and are not a party to any transaction between Companies or individuals. All conversations are private and cannot be seen by us. All transactions between interested parties are done offline and between the two parties directly.

      1. 1.1 New Medical Products and Health-IT Software

        Information about a New product, including Medical Software listed or advertised on 20Med.com is provided by the Seller and not 20Med.com. While our endeavour is to ensure that Sellers are verified and they provide only correct info about their new product offers, 20Med cannot guarantee the accuracy of all such offerings.

        Interested Buyers are requested to verify the Products offered and do direct negotiation with Sellers. In case a member feels that an online offer is not being complied by the Seller / Advertiser, they should make a complaint to compliance@20med.com and we will take the matter with Seller in an attempt to find a resolution.

      2. 1.2 Used Medical Equipment and Parts

        20Med.com also facilitates buying and selling of Used Medical Equipment and parts. Members can list their Used Medical Equipment / parts for Sale and also search for Used Medical Equipment / part they wish to buy.

        20Med.com aims to be a trusted marketplace to buy and sell Used Medical Equipment and parts. We want our Buyers of Used Medical Equipment to feel confident before taking a purchase decision. Hence, we will preview Products Listed for sale before they can be published. Only those listings, coming from owners of Hospitals or from Verified / trusted industry sources and for which an inspection report is available, will be eligible to be published.

    2. Business Services

      The Company provides several Business services that helps Healthcare Businesses to grow their sales and manage their business and team efficiently. These services can be classified as

      1. Digital Transformation Masterclass

      2. HubSpot Setup, Customisation, onboarding & Training services

      3. Data Driven Digital Marketing & Advertising services

      4. Second opinion / Services from experts

      5. B2B Opportunities

      6. B2C opportunities

    3. IT Solutions

      The Company provides IT solutions, Consulting Services and multiple Software Integration services to healthcare businesses that are guaranteed to increase sales.

General terms of use

      1. Online payments

        We offer multiple products and services on our website, most of which are free. On our website www.20med.com, we take online payment from:

        1. Users who wish to attend “Digital Transformation Masterclass”

        2. Users who wish to Take our services for HubSpot Setup, customisation, and onboarding.

        Before making payment online, you will be shown all the terms and conditions related to payment.

      2. Dispute resolution
        1. 2.1 Dispute resolution related to sale of a New Medical Products: If the dispute involves purchase of a New Medical Product that was purchased or sold by virtue of its listing on www.20med.com, the same is to be settled between Buyer and Seller ( who invoiced the goods ) directly.

        2. 2.2 Dispute Resolution related to sale of a Used Equipment / Part: If the dispute involves purchase / Sale of a Used Medical Equipment or Part that was purchased or sold by virtue of its listing on www.20med.com, the same is to be settled between Buyer and Seller ( who invoiced the goods ) directly.

        3. 2.3 Dispute Resolution related to Second Opinion / Services: In the event the dispute arises between a Service Provider and a Service seeker, the same has to be settled between the two parties directly. www.20med.com is only a Marketplace that connects Service providers and Seekers using a Profile matching algorithm. Though all efforts are made to verify credentials of Professionals listing their expertise, Service seekers are strongly advised to use their own jurisprudence before selecting a Provider, negotiating the terms or making payment.

        4. 2.4 Dispute Resolution related to Online Payments: If any dispute involves during online payment, you can file complaint related to payment transfer on our website > Complaints section and the same shall be forwarded to the concerned payment gateway provider for redressal.

      3. Usage of Content

        20Med provides You with curated content, both original and licensed from multiple trusted sources so that you can consume the best in the shortest possible time.

        All such content is for your personal consumption and cannot be used for any commercial purposes, unless consented. You may not copy, reproduce, republish, sell, or distribute any information, text, Images, graphics, video or sound clips, interviews, display, perform, modify, create derivative works from, transmit or in any way exploit this editorial content available on the platform for any commercial use or that will be used to compete with business objectives of 20Med.com.

        Pages from the Website may not under any circumstances be included or embedded in another site.

      4. Copyright

        All content published on www.20med.com is copyrighted and licensed. The content published either belongs to us and /or our business users / third party authors / publishers who have granted right to us to publish that particular content on www.20med.com. The Marketplace may use Images and logos of brands and their products, both of which are exclusive property of the original owner (brand). visitors should assume that standard copyright protection rules apply to all materials and contents displayed on Marketplace. Any reproduction, modification or re- distribution of part or all of the content featured on the marketplace www.20med.com, is strictly prohibited. You may store, display, print the content through your Desktop / laptops hard drive but with clear understanding that the same is to be used for your own, non-commercial use and acknowledging the Marketplace as Source of the content. Any third-party content, not originally created by www.20med.com cannot be distributed through any means, digital or print.

        If you are the owner of copyright of any content published on www.20med.com which was uploaded without your consent, or you feel the consent was copied in any way that constitutes infringement, please write to compliance@20med.com specifying details and the country / countries where your copyright applies.

      5. Trademark

        The mark ‘20Med’ and the logo indicated in the 20MED website is the sole exclusive trademark of 20Med. Both the trademark and the logo of the company may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not associated to or provided by 20MED, causing any confusion among our users. All other trademarks that appear on 20med.com website, are the property of their respective owners, who are using the platform to promote their brand.

      6. Right to Amend User Agreement

        20Med.com reserves the right to amend User Agreement in future. You will be informed of any such changes before they are implemented.

      7. Intellectual property rights

        The Website and Application is owned and operated by 20Med LLP (Company), a holding company with entities in US and India. 20Med LLP or its subsidiaries own all rights, title and interest, or have obtained permission or license from third parties in respect of all intellectual property rights such as copyright in the Content published or posted on the Website and/or Application.

        The Company or its subsidiaries are the owner of all rights, title and interest in and to the trademarks ‘20Med’ and the’20Med’ logo (Hereinafter “Company Trademark”) used on the Website. The Company Trademark may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not associated to or provided by the Company, causing any confusion among our Visitors and/or Members. All other trademarks that appear on 20Med.com are the property of their respective owners, who are using the Digital Platform to promote their brand or business.

        The Company owns all Intellectual Property Rights including copyright in the software, source code, software architecture, software design, programmes, collaterals, and online or electronic documentation that forms part of the Website, the present or future modifications / upgradations thereof and standard enhancements thereto. Visitors may not use such Intellectual Property of the Company without the prior written permission of the Company.